“The Garden”
(The Book)
9/9/20 – “Max! What an awesome email for me to keep forever; for me and for my family for generations to come. Bless You!! Once again, I am reminded what a great artist with pen and paper that you are. What talent and put to such great and lasting use. The book is awesome and wonderful, Kerrville and The Garden History. Fascinating reading! It has always been my privilege to support The Lord, The Garden and you and Sherry. Thank you for allowing me to do this.”
Dr. Bill Rector ($1,000 Signed & Numbered book purchaser), Kerrville, TX
9/9/20 – “Max! Your book is Amazing! Well done, Max, really well done! Revival is on now in the US! You didn’t leave anything out! You got the whole battle in! You got all the God details!”
Bobby Dendy, Music Evangelist, Phoenix, AZ
9/9/20 – “Thank you. Thank you very, very, much for this special awesome, beautiful book gift that our families will always hold dear!!! It’s a family treasure!!! Love in Yeshua!”
Col. Bob & Linda Morris, Collinsville, IL
9/5/20 – “Your book will show them that God has not abandoned them at all; that they must trust in Him, as you and Sherry have always done, despite some very troubling times; tested many times, just as Job was tested. I am certainly no Biblical scholar, but I know your book is full of glory, and it will resonate. It was a true honor to be part of your project, and I am always available, if you need me. You’re one of the very good guys out there, Max, and I know the world is a more beautiful - and blessed - place because of what you and Sherry have created for others in His name. All good things.”
Donna Hatch, Book Editor, Kill Devil, NC
9/4/20 – “Your book is a blessing to all. A faith builder for those who have not been stretched like you and Sherry. Glory to God as He continues to prove Himself faithful!”
Barbara Franklin, Executive Director, CHRIST CENTRAL, Aiken, SC
9/3/20 – “Thank you to both you and Sherry for your faithfulness and commitment to ‘The Garden’ vision and your wonderful evangelistic work to make Christ known to others through your artwork and TCKF. Continued blessings to both you and Sherry and your extended family!”
Gary & Kim Omlor, Frisco, TX
8/31/20 – “Your book, it is a good read! It is very hard to put down. You never know what is next. The devil was really fighting you all the way. I learned a lot that I did not know. It’s really a good read. You did a good job writing this book.”
Lee Voelkel, VOELKEL ENGINEERING, Kerrville, TX
8/27/20 – “Max, I am inhaling your book! I am devouring your book! I am savoring your book. It is amazing!”
8/16/20 – “There is no way to read this book without coming away with a deepening of faith. This revelation of how God works to bring about what He wants is an addendum to our Bibles. It affirms dynamically God's purpose for us today and how He supports us in this endeavor. It is proof positive we fight from victory not for victory. Need I need more? Thank You, God. My faith is sealed.”
Barbara Ashmore, Springfield, MO
8/16/20 – “We have been reading our book and just simply, love it! We are truly blessed to be a part of it. Yes, the experience with the COMING KING picture and then at the Fountain, has changed my life. I have two daughters so I had to buy another book so there would not be a struggle! They both want one! I enjoyed it so much when you added personal photos and information about your family and your ranch. As always, we will return one day. Blessings, to you and yours.”
Beth Kray, San Jose, CA
8/15/20 – “Max, I am loving this book! I read it every night! It is FANTASTIC! It is powerful and I am really enjoying it. I can’t put it down. Michelle even told me to put it down because we had to get up early the next morning! It is good writing!”
David Broussard, Canton, TX
8/14/20 – “Max and Sherry, I really don’t read books. I just finished the book. I started it yesterday morning and finished today at 3pm today. I could not put it down. It is amazing. As I read it, I felt that I was reading the Acts of the Apostles and the letters to the churches. I realize that both of you are apostles of Jesus. And, you are surrounded by a great number of apostles of Jesus. It is the story of powerful modern-day apostles from Texas and around the America. The apostles like Paul and the others were being attacked by the enemy. They wanted to kill the story of Christ and prevent you from raising the cross of Jesus. The evil ones (pharisees and preachers) were telling vicious lies and making personal attacks against all of you. They were wanting to bankrupt you and ruin your lives. They hit you from every angle possible. Wave after wave of evil was thrown at all of the faithful. Then, you were dragged from city to city and court to court. They were not going to stop until they crushed what God had given you to do. Then, there was Judas, the attorney. Who was working very slowly and giving you bad instructions as to what you could do. She was acting on the part of the evil one and his minions. She dragged things out as long as she could, causing you great distress and financial ruin. The minions were attacking you in the press and all around the area. But when a door is closed there is a window. And, God was in constant communication with you. But there were many times when it appeared ‘all is lost’, but y’all persevered and kept the faith. The evil one was trying every way to destroy you. That did not stop you from continuing to bring others to Jesus and giving the powers of the Spirit of God. The miracles continued and the enemy was making it harder on you, but this was allowing the world to see what was happening. Christians all over America and the world became very interested in your plight. You finally found out the attorney was working for the evil one all the time. You stood your ground. You and the other apostles continued to share the Glory of Jesus everywhere. People were being covered in golden dust. Many kinds of miracles occurred, casting out demons and releasing the broken from bondage. Finally, God’s plan worked. He spoke and the mission was saved on the hill. The cross was raised, and many more people came to receive the Living Water and the Spirit of God. This created an enormous number of new disciples who are currently spreading the love and miracles of Jesus. The fire is now burning on the mountain and the glory of God is shown to everyone. The flames are now spreading everywhere. The minions and demons are burning in hell and being driven into the outer darkness. The evil one is no more.”
Jim Mercer, M.D. Psychiatrist, Big Spring, TX
8/13/20 – “Got the book. I’m so excited for you. This book will bring great acclaim to the Cross, and well deserved credit to you and Sherry, and all of the wonderful contributors and volunteers. I will do my part to promote it.”
Roy Holley, “Talk About Texas” Radio Show, San Antonio, TX
8/12/20 – “I think this book is marvelous!”
Carol Coates, St. Louis, MO
8/11/20 – “WOW Max! I love the book and feel honored to have had even a tiny part in helping make it a reality. What a treasure – the book, the Garden and especially the loving LORD behind (or in front of) it all.”
Rick Malm, Executive Director, COMMISSION TO EVERY NATION, Kerrville, TX
8/7/20 – “Max, the book is WONDERFUL! You said everything just right! I’m on page 135 and I just got the book yesterday! This book will be a revelation to the church around the world and how it should work!”
Margie Osborne, Abilene, TX
8/7/20 – “Hello Max and Sherry! Congratulations on your new book! I have been reading our special “signed” book “The Garden” every evening. History has been recorded, lives will be changed, and Jesus is glorified! Hallelujah! Every afternoon I watch The Kerrville Daily Times and what a great surprise to see and hear that Max Greiner Jr. was their special guest! You did an excellent job sharing your heart about The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden and your new book, “The Garden”. I am very proud of you both! We thank you for all your prayers and encouragement! We love you and bless you both. You mean so much to us and we are grateful Holy Spirit brought us together. We are here for you, always! Take care and God bless!”
Linda and Terry Forse, Kerrville, TX
8/5/20 – “Hey Max, I really can't tell you how many hours it took me to read your book. I can tell you the day I received it I read 89 pages. Then, after that every spare moment I had I read it for probably 6-7 days. I just couldn't stop! I've carried it around with me and shared testimonies out of it. People are hungry for the supernatural and most of the people here have never experienced it.”
Bette Gallier, San Antonio, TX
8/4/20 – “Max, I received your fabulous book last week and could hardly wait to read it. I am a voracious reader and blew through it in a matter of days. What a blessing - even though I thought I knew about some of it, I was overwhelmed at yours and Sherry's journey. Wallace and I can relate to spiritual warfare but NOTHING like you guys. It is such a faith builder and thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us, the Body of Christ and all those unknown, who are destined to reach God's Garden and the Empty Cross. May all of God's Blessings be yours and Sherry's. We are so proud of you both.”
Wallace & Bette Gallier, San Antonio, TX
8/3/20 – “I’m enjoying perusing the book. The Butterfly Effect is one of my all-time favorite stories. I read that story years ago in your Intercessor letter! George Washington Carver is one of my heroes. The stories of healings and the testimony of Patricia Wyatt and all the glory stories I’ve read thus far are so amazing, and such a tribute to Father God’s love toward each of us. This book so honors God. This book encourages each of us to go further out into the deep...trusting Him. As the old saying goes, If He calls you to it, He will bring you through it! And, you will know IT WAS ALL DONE BY HIM! Thanks for words of hope and encouragement this brings. Blessings to you, Sherry and your family.”
Barbara Franklin, Executive Director, CHRIST CENTRAL, Aiken, SC
8/1/20 – “I love it! Well put together! God is going to use it!”
Rev. Fern Lancaster, Kerrville, TX
7/30/20 – “It’s a true historic work of art ... it’s just like you built a pyramid with all those analogies ... many laborers; trials; persistence and the eventual miracles, like crossing the Red Sea ( Reed its real name..) with the miracles of Moses’ hand and rod that God used to get His people out of Egypt ...Now it’s the future battles of taking The Promised Land of the real Land of Israel for the Tabernacle of David to be established! Thank y’all for ALL this work, persistence & the beautiful portrayal and story of what God has accomplished through you! Truly, truly amazing!”
Linda Morris, Executive Director, DODI YAVOH MINNISTRIES, Collinsville, IL
7/30/20 – “We got your book! Brilliant piece of work! Really nice.”
Monte Paddleford, EAGLE BRONZE, Lander, WY
7/29/20 – “We just received our beautiful book. The pictures are so special to me. I am excited to read it. I so enjoyed all of the CD's, so I am sure this will be read by my entire family of seven. We so want to come visit again. As soon as we can, we will. I will let you know before we come. I am in touch with Jim Musso several times a week. Debbye, you were so right, we are a good fit. Max, when we saw you driving the Lion onto the grounds it was a special treat that we were Blessed with. You made it so very special for us. The Garden will remain in our hearts forever. Thank you.”
Beth Kray (Family of 7 baptized on 1-7-2017), San Jose, CA
7/27/20 – “Max, I got your book. I can’t put it down! I can’t put it down! I am halfway through it and I can’t put it down! And it’s a big book! It is amazing, a blend of the Old and New Testaments. Every house should have this book and the Bible, since it is a testimony of God’s power. It has blessed me and stretched my faith. It takes you way past a mustard seed of faith! It is going to be used powerfully by God!”
Barbara Ashmore, Springfield, MO
7/24/20 – “First off thank you for your multi-year effort... it is a beautiful and inspiring work of art... as well as a historical record of the Garden. And finally, what a wonderful surprise to see the personal message from you in the front of our book... what a treasure for us to keep and display. Thank you for your years and years of hard work and dedication to our Lord and Savior...”
Bill and Cheryl Fitch, Kerrville, TX
7/20/20 – “Max you did a magnificent job on the book! Congratulations!!”
Patsy Jordan, Kerrville, TX
5/31/20 – “Max and Sherry, I am so proud and thankful that you and Sherry obeyed Holy Spirit when He called you to create The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. You could have said no but because you answered Yes many, many, lives have and will forever be changed! (Romans 10: 9-10) Also, thank you for taking time to create a true history book of The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. Now these true stories, miracles and special God stories will be share from generations to generations! I look forward to seeing how Holy Spirit uses your book “The Garden” to change even more lives for His glory! We love you and bless you!”
Linda and Terry Forse, Kerrville, TX
5/31/20 – “Max, I scanned the whole book. It looks wonderful. I love the artsy stuff, the call-outs, the Papyrus font, the pictures … it is a beautiful work of Faith and art. My prayer is that God will put 10,000,000 in circulation, and that the flow of The Spirit through you will be magnified above measure, in this age and the age to come.”
Robert E. Carpenter, Kerrville, TX
2/11/20 – “I am so grateful God brought us together, Max. From the moment I saw the ‘The Empty Cross’ as we entered Kerrville, I knew there was a reason we’d decided to make the Hill Country our home - I had thought it was rolling fields of bluebonnets, and the music that seemed to be everywhere. But it was your Hill, Max. The Garden touched my soul, and I have lovely memories of being “home” whenever I visited it. You’ve created a spiritual oasis for one and all at a time when so many need a place to heal and find peace in a world in the midst of chaos. This book will be a wonderful reminder that God has a plan.”
Donna Hatch, Book Editor, Kill Devil Hills, NC
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